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My new book is called SNAP

My Book SNAP is published and is now on sale on Amazon. 

I started writing the book in June during the pandemic lock down and by August it was complete. I started out to write a book about wedding photography but somehow it 'morphed' into a crime/thriller.

It is based in my home county of Gloucestershire and while the places are fictional, Gloucester and Cheltenham are used.

There is a theme of loneliness which runs through the book which I hope is thought provoking. Loneliness can be different for all of us and I have portrayed it in a way that adds to the story line.

However loneliness is widespread in our society and many experience it for all sorts of different reasons.  I hope readers will be moved to some kind of action to first prevent it from happening and secondly if they are experiencing it to get help. I hope you will enjoy reading SNAP because it has a unique story line and some big surprises as you turn the pages. It is also a 'whodunit' with a surprise at the end.

The book is on sale on Amazon and the price is £3.00 for an on line version and just over £8.00 for a paper back. 

The link is;-

Great news on the  reviews of SNAP

I would like to say a big thank you for all the positive reviews and feed back that I have received for my novel SNAP. It is still on sale on Amazon. Follow the link above.

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